Connecting Your Brand With Premium Kids’ and Family Entertainment

Advertiser Brands WildBrain Spark works with.

We offer brands and media agencies scale and reach, premium programming and contextual targeting. Whether across our reserve network on YouTube and the YouTube Kids App, or using data-driven insights for auction media buying, we only deliver high performing, brand-safe ad inventory.

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One big family of brands

  • We’re part of WildBrain, a global leader in kids and family entertainment.
  • WildBrain Spark has one of the largest premium, broadcast-quality and digital originals libraries on AVOD platforms.
  • Reaching 1 in 3 kids on the planet, with approximately 4 Billion views a month, we offer alignment with quality and purposeful programming.
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We know kids

  • From toddlers, preschool, primary, tween, kids, teen and family co-viewing, we engage with audiences globally on all devices.
  • Our shows are available in up to 30 languages and 26 countries, programmed across platforms including YouTube, YouTube Kids, Roku, Tubi, PlutoTV, Xumo and Amazon Fire.
  • WildBrain Spark ensures our content and distribution is compliant with COPPA regulation. Our kids programming is classified as Made for Kids within YouTube and YouTube Kids to guarantee brand-safe and appropriate family advertising.
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We reach families

  • Streaming kids’ content on Advertising-Video-On-Demand services has never been easier, with so many choices for consumers available. Our data and research with parents supports the growing trend of family co-viewing that is largely on Connected TVs. This lean-back experience is like traditional TV watching, with programming informed by deep audience data and powerful new machine-learning tools. We enable brands to access these family viewers by content and daypart.
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Unrivalled insight and planning tools

  • With such a large private network of channels and content, we are uniquely placed to understand kids’ and family audiences at scale. We use COPPA compliant data to power tools which inform planning, targeting and optimization of advertising campaigns.

Media Kit

We offer a full range of formats across YouTube & Roblox with many creative opportunities for brands.

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Roblox Advertising Guide

We offer authentic brand integration and ad opportunities on Roblox through our exclusive partnership with Gamefam.

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