two girls sitting in front of an open dollhouse in front of a window
Advertising Case Study

Beloved Kid's Brand

Finding High Affinity Audiences to Increase Content Viewing 

The Brief

Our client, we well-known toy creator has been delighting children since the mid 80’s, while cult among older audiences, their YouTube animated series seeks to re-engage kids today with their animated content which brings this iconic world to life. The brief for WildBrain Spark was to further grow their channels; finding quality, engaged audiences to view, re-engage and fall in love with the brand.

Our Strategy

Utilising our insight and targeting tools, our specialist team reviewed the WildBrain Spark network to understand what targeting would drive the best results against the brief using existing viewing behaviours. Using auction-bought Discovery we created a targeted list of keywords and placements as well as affinity clusters, to create a highly targeted campaign designed for brand –safe content alignment. 


  • 0% Increase in Cost Per View  
  • 61% Uplift in View Through Rate vs standard targeting  
  • 147% Improvement against industry VTR benchmark