3 brightly haired cave girls of different ethnicities in a forest. Cave Club logo.
Advertising Case Study

Mattel’s Cave Club

Planning and activating a new brand on YouTube

The Brief

With Connected TV use continuing to change the linear and digital landscape, the role of YouTube for launching brands is ever more important. We were asked to create a digital-first launch strategy focusing on YouTube to drive brand awareness and loyalty for a new toy range launch, using quality content and highly relevant audiences. 

Our Strategy 

We analysed the viewership of brands with high affinities for our target audience, and seasonal trends along the brand’s launch timeline. We created a multi-market plan combining auction and reserved media, which met overall goals and market nuances. Using our data insights tools we were able to combine highly relevant brands and thematic keywords, with local market knowledge. Across our network, we identified premium channels with high brand affinity. Using a customized mix of in-stream and discovery formats, with varying frequencies we were able to achieve maximum impact for the budget.

hand on remote control pointed at a tv


In three-months we were able to deliver 

  • 65% over delivery of views 
  • 33% efficiency in Cost Per View 
  • 95K Subscribers 
  • 100% Uplift in View Through Rates against industry benchmark.