THE STREAMING GENERATION: Shaping the Future of Family Advertising

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Is Generation Alpha the most influential digital generation yet?


Having never known a world without digital devices at their fingertips, and still only pre-teen in age, their tech-first habits are defining their lives and redefining life for their families.


In our brand-new research report in partnership with Ipsos MORI, we've explored and examined key family and kids' viewing trends, looking closely at everything from what they watch and when, to how and why they do so, and importantly what the future holds when it comes to family viewing.


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In this report you will find data & insight on:

  • Streaming platform, channel and device preferences
  • Co-viewing and the age-old battle for the remote control
  • The 'Why' behind the 'How' of watching together
  • The demand for nostalgic, educational, and meaningful content
  • Generation Alpha's strong hold on viewing and the influence of advertising
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Download our report now to find a wealth of valuable insight into how Generation Alpha – and their parents – navigate the unlimited amount of content available to them on demand, and how the industry can adapt in 2021 and beyond.

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